Cards can be used

Cards can be used That he aspires to go in such distance as Africa, to fly on everything by a balloon, on to swan, on an eagle that together with Aybolitom to treat there animals, it becomes clear, that it is not involved by such remarkable holiday, as ball in a palace.

We continue work with logopedic cards, with which already got acquainted at the very beginning of training.

Cards can be used to break own a garden and kitchen garden.

It is such game.

We with Vanya neighbors in giving.

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Children Developmental Psychology, , selfdiscipline it is obligatory in any culture, however on it is much more important for society in which difficult requirements, calls and tension abound.

Children who will get used to selfdiscipline since early years, will better act in our highspeed, partly the chaotic world, maneuvering in a family labyrinth, at school, among companions and in a wide environment.

the child, at early age acquired opredea lenny set of laws, will manage to act deliberately and osoznano, even when nearby there are no parents or the tutor … Numerous researches showed that children, capable to reject pleasure, having entered adult life, are much better arranged in it in comparison with the more it pulsivny contemporaries children Live the Positive if we started to tell about borders, here one more rule for storing the child grows not on a negative, and on a positive.

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Fortunetelling Having shaken charm of memoirs, I wondered Really it occurred that night, with a naughty children's smile unpacked the test and ran in a bathroom.

The thought until recently inspiring fear, now for some reason pleased me.

Ten minutes necessary for end of dough, seemed eternity.

In the head memories of events of the last weeks were carried by ceremony in a full moon.

easter meditations.

fortunetelling on cards.

power field.

From all this at me the head went around.

The only thing that now I knew for certain, so it that I want to be a pregnant woman.

I was not abandoned by thought that this new power field which I felt, and is soul of future child.

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You never

You never Not everyone it can.

If you sit down for two minutes, that to condescend before game in dolls or constructions from the cubes, twothree times give a ride on a floor to the machine, the child will absolutely fairly apprehend it as fleeting interest to its affairs, in the world of its imaginations you casual guest, no more than that.

And to play it is not able, your child.

You never it to it do not teach, if are not able to play.

It loafs for you and poormouths, or tears paper in a corner, or tears off wallpaper, or perhaps aimlessly rummages in any box which you through an oversight left the open.

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And togas

And togas As a result they should feel in themselves, in themselves, this empathy.

And togas da will be achievement of a positive effect, even in the same prison.

A forehead eyelids wanted to steal, wanted to break somethin and here that turns out.

– Children descended in hospital, they saw certain negative phenomena.

How this information how conclusions become is processed How it should occur – We, as usual, arrange discussions.

We come back from bolni where everything we remove.

We write down everything the same day.

The whole day is devoted to this subject.

Before a campaign we instruct.

We show, rasskazyvay that this such.

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